Journal 3

More Blogging Technology and Decisions

This is a very quick post about a few decisions I have made with my blog in the last hour.

I researched plugins and realized that, because is hosting my blog (though it has a unique url), I don’t have the option for plugins. The staff at seems extremely helpful and willing to customize existing widgets to fit my purpose, though this won’t be necessary for the time being.

Anyways, I have now re-added a meta section on my right sidebar. I had removed it initially because it looked to crowded with everything else I wanted to display, but it provides me with an ease of access that trumps my simplistic style. Also, I have added a “Follow this Blog” tab which users and non-users can click in order to follow Classy and True as a blog or by email. I think that this is an important way of ensuring that those who are interested in my blog are able to find it in the future. It is very frustrating when you find a site which you find helpful or entertaining and then cannot locate it in the future. This is often a problem for me so I made this choice based on my own experiences. I think that it is a really easy way of providing blog hospitality, by allowing readers to becomes followers without having to do much work.

On another note: After my journal post last evening, I had an increase in visitors, “likers”, and followers. This, to me, proves that a blog can look awesome and be very interesting, but the biggest thing which will draw attention to it is current content updated on a regular basis. Who wants to visit a blog that doesn’t have new information added on a regular basis? This is a fundamental difference between blogs and information-only pages; blogs must change and update and grow, whereas pages that hold lasting information are static and without followers. For example, I don’t follow Wikipedia pages about Broadway Musical or Victorian novels, I read them once or twice and move on with my life. I do, however, follow fitness and music blogs which are updated regularly and are current.

Just a few thoughts for my blogging process. I better write another actual post soon or else my followers will get bored.

Have a great day!



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