Tardiness to Lecture

Better never than late. (George Bernard Shaw)

Maybe it’s being in my fourth year of university or maybe it’s something new, but lately I’ve noticed that people who are late seem to care less and less. I don’t know about you, but I work really hard at being on time for class. I leave early, anticipate difficulties like trains or accidents, and generally try to take responsibility for my own education. I have, once or twice, gotten caught be a chatty classmate or had car trouble and been late. It happens. I understand. I really, really do.

Here’s the difference between me and other late people I have observed recently: I try to make myself invisible. I don’t want to be rude and interrupt a lecture which has already gotten into the swing of things. I quietly slip into an aisle seat or, if none are available, I stand at the back until lecture is done or there is a break. This, to me, is common courtesy.

Lately, however, this has not been what I’ve seen others doing. Just last week I witnessed a young woman clunk into the classroom in high heel shoes (much too high for walking long distances at any kind of a normal pace). She carried her large purse and huge coffee beverage across the hall, up a few steps, and then proceeded to climb over about four or five people (hitting them in the head with her purse on the way by) before she settled in in the center of the room. I was appalled! Not only was she about a half hour late, she was so obvious about it! I would have thought it were funny if it weren’t so blatantly rude and selfish. There were tons of aisle seats and spots in the back, but she still decided to sit in her presumably-usual seat.

I’m sorry to go on about this, but it’s just so frustrating to me!

To all the late people out there:

Please recognize that you are not the only person in the class and that you are distracting those of us who worked to get there on time. It’s really not that difficult. Understand that you need to make a few sacrifices when you’re late; that’s all. Maybe if you have to stand for an entire lecture and realize how hard it is to take notes without a desk, you won’t be late next time.

Okay, I’m done!

Have a great week and stay classy,




  1. This is an amazing post!!! I totally feel the same way. I always avoid being late by waking up two hour earlier than the time I leave my house and then allow 30 minutes of extra commute time in case there is traffic or I need to grab a coffee or something. It takes a little effort =)


    1. Thank you so much for your comment Saadia! I do the same thing as you, as well. It definitely takes a little work, but I much prefer that work to the awkwardness of barging into lectures already started. 🙂
      I’m very glad that there is somebody else out there who agrees with me.


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