Something a Little Different

Believe it or not, I don’t just think about manners and etiquette. I think about a lot of different things. I care about a lot of different things.

I have another, newer blog which I use to discuss things that relate to me and my life. It’s not a journal or anything like that. It’s just a space where I talk about things which I hope other people will be able to enjoy and relate to. Recently (in the last 24 hours), I wrote a post for this blog that is about how I have trouble dealing with the world’s ugliness. I don’t know that it is manners- or etiquette-related, but I think that it certainly relates to how humans treat one another.

It’s Overwhelming, At Times

I welcome you to have a little look around this other blog. I feel like there are some common themes between Life is What You Do and Classy and True, probably because I write both of them.

I’ll have another etiquette post for you very soon so stay tuned and stay classy!



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