Remix Assignment

My class assignment for this week is to do a remix. That is it. No details. Nothing.

This is a challenge. I accept it.

I thought it would be helpful to see what my classmates are doing and I found this great post. You really have to love Saturday Night Live! My classmate did a really great job of finding what she defines as a remix. The video she shares is both a remix of the “happily ever after” of our favourite Disney Princesses and a remix of the “Housewives of…” reality TV trope. Talk about a great idea.

Inspired by my classmate, my initial idea was to share a link to this video. However, it seemed like I was stealing her idea so I thought I’d do something a little less Disney.

These are some of my favourite remixes (read mash-ups) from the internet community:

**Note: I apologize if any of the following pictures ruin your childhood.

1. Harry Potter and Mean Girls:

Dumbledore Voldemort Mean Girls


Malfoy Mean Girls Hoop Earings


2. Go home internet fandoms, you’re drunk:

Sherlock internet mash up


3. Nicholas Cage’s face in places where it shouldn’t be:

nicholas cage miley cyrus mashup



4. Cats:

cat as queen elizabeth


5. These father-son pictures:

father son switch heads 1


royal baby father head switch


I literally laughed out loud at the creativity and insanity of some internet users. I guess that some men just want to watch the world burn. But seriously, I don’t think that I can top any of these and, besides, I had way too much fun finding all of them.

Thanks for reading,


Works Cited:

This week, I decided to make it easy so each picture is its own link to its source.


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