Wrong-Side Syndrome

I’m cranky. (Larry David)

Is there anything better than waking up after a great night of sleep? You’re warm and comfortable in your bed. Birds are chirping lightly in the tree outside your bedroom window, the sun is shining brightly (though not in your eyes), and all is right in this crazy world. You get up; get ready for the day with a long, luxurious shower; enjoy a fragrant, cheesy omelet and a steaming cup of artisan coffee; and you leave for the day. Your day is just going so well. Few days are as lovely as this one.

And then I come along. I didn’t sleep well because I was up late working on a project. I slept in, didn’t have time for breakfast or a shower, and stepped in my neighbor’s dog’s poop as I walked to my car only to realize that I would need to stop for gas. My day sucks. It’s just not going to be a good one.

You run into me at school/work and I scowl at your chipper attitude and sunny outlook. I snap at your small talk and will provide no more than single-syllable answers for all of your questions. I make you feel uncomfortable. You feel bad for feeling good. Slowly, you feel like maybe you are tired; maybe you didn’t sleep quite so well. Maybe that omelet wasn’t quite so good. Maybe you realize you missed a spot while shaving.

The scenario you have just witnessed is an example of what I like to call “Wrong-Side Syndrome”.

Instead of a long lecture, I have this to say. Don’t let your crappy day ruin someone else’s good one.

Stay classy,