Journal 4

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. (Charles Dickens)

Incorporating Parts of Myself

I linked my Twitter account to Classy and True today. It turned out to be a lot more difficult than I would have guessed. I couldn’t make the Twitter Timeline widget work how I wanted it to–it wasn’t displaying a live feed–so I did what any mildly-resourceful person in his or her 20’s-50’s would do in this day and age: I googled it. Luckily, there is a huge community of users who are only too willing to share their knowledge and skills with one another. I quickly found a forum which dealt with exactly my problem. Lots of users were having the same difficulty and lots of users were trying to assist in fixing the problem. Halfway down the page, somebody mentioned that she had fixed her own blog’s problem and, although she thought that her mistake was silly, she shared the way in which she dealt with the problem. As it turns out, we were both making the same mistake and her answer completely fixed my Twitter feed.

Emotional/Philosophical Tangent

This is one of the reasons that I don’t completely hate the internet: yes, there are perverts and weirdos and trolls who roam unsightly URLs  and Facebook discussions looking for their next unsuspecting, Angry Birds-playing victim, but there are also millions of people who are willing and happy to share their vast knowledge for no other reason than because they have that knowledge. While the internet has contributed to many people becoming socially awkward and distracted, it has also become an outlet for lots of people to help others using skills that didn’t even exist 20 years ago. I find this to be kind of beautiful in its own way. This resource with which we have a love-hate relationship has opened up innumerable possibilities for providing others with aid.

Reasoning for Incorporation

I attached my Twitter to Classy and True because it is really the only social media I have which is even remotely appropriate for the blog. I don’t mean that I spend my Facebook time cussing and putting up inappropriate pictures of myself because I don’t. However, I’ve had my Facebook account since I was in grade 9, almost 8 years ago. I don’t really think that my 14-year-old self applies to my vision for my blog. In the future I may choose to create a Facebook page which is only for Classy and True, but with me being in my fourth year of university, I just don’t have the time for that at the moment.

My Twitter account is pretty docile, for the most part. I have always had teachers and parents and family as followers so I’ve never said or tweeted anything that wasn’t appropriate for my mother or English 12 teacher. I feel that it would not be difficult for me to tailor my tweets to fit my vision for this blog. This really doesn’t involve much change as many of my tweets tend to focus on human observation and things like language and manners (okay, they’re sometimes rants).

I’ll spend a little time exploring social media options and see if there are any other parts of myself which I would like to attach to Classy and True, but I do want to keep this blog relatively simple. Maybe I’m old fashioned enough to believe that (hopefully) good writing should speak for itself and gain followers of content rather than purely presentation.

Anyways, have a good week! I’ll be back soon with more journal entries and blog posts.



Journal 1

Components of my Blog

Any idiot can put up a website. (Patricia Briggs, Blood Bound)

So this week I need to focus on my “personal cyberinfrastructure” (find the podcast explaining this concept here) or the home and landscape of my internet self (ex. host, data storage, etc.). I have, so far, chosen to base my blog in WordPress with a unique URL (one which doesn’t include “”) as a way to own my own domain. I have a basic idea for where I’d like to take this blog which I’ve explained in my About section. The very basic idea is that I’d like to focus on everyday interactions among people and how manners affect these communications.

It’s difficult to say which types of components will be of use to me in this endeavor. I do think that connections to social media will be important as these are some of the major ways in which people interact with one another. The idea that my comments on things such as pedestrian etiquette and how Facebook statuses affect our possible employment could be shared on various platforms by like-minded individuals is both exciting and a little terrifying. However, this is how the information highway works and thrives–through the sharing of comments and ideas of interest with next-door neighbors and individuals who live on the other side of the planet. I think that the globalization of the internet is very important to keep in mind while building my blog and laying its cyberinfrastructure because this directs the way I share information and posts with and ask questions of other members of this strange online community. Plug-ins and widgets which attach my blog to social media are really the best way to attain readership and ensure that my internet voice travels the distance that I want. This also means linking my existing social media accounts to Classy and True  and growing the breadth of my internet self. I find this a little scary, but I know that it is the best way to create an authentic and genuine self in a time when trustworthiness is nonexistent to some platforms.

Creating a blog and the ensuing cyberinfrastructure seems to be an activity which builds on itself over time and which cannot be thought up and executed in a few short hours. New needs and wants drive the growth of a unique type of self just as we in the non-cyber world change throughout our lives to fit an ideal or situation.

I’ll be sure to update as my vision for this blog changes and grows and possibly becomes something very different from the original plan.

Thanks for reading,



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