R-E-S-P-E-C-T(ing others’ opinions)

Every human being, of whatever origin, of whatever station, deserves respect. We must each respect each others even as we respect ourselves. (U Thant)

With everything going on in the world right now, there are a lot of varying opinions flying around in cyberspace. Some people are pro-Israeli, some are pro-Hamma, some are pro-Kanye, some are pro-Fifty Shades of Grey. The point is that everyone has an opinion on everything. And you know what? That’s totally okay. Every person is entitled to his or her opinion.

I think that we forget that there are many issues out there which don’t have a right or wrong answer. We all have opinions based on our experiences, education, and lifestyle. We are all unique and so are our opinions.

Sometimes, though, we forget this. I forget that the person in my moral philosophy class who is against women having easy access to birth¬† control is from a conservative Catholic country and holds this belief for religious reasons. I forget that the person on my newsfeed who doesn’t think that helmets should be required by law for all motorcyclists is of a faith where headdress is maybe held above laws pertaining to personal safety. I forget that the¬†person on my Instagram who is for the Enbridge pipeline is the child of a tradesperson father and spent years living in poverty because there wasn’t a lot of work for his dad.

Do I still disagree with some of these opinions? Yes, I do. But that doesn’t mean that I can disrespect these people by telling them that their opinions are wrong or disregard their rights to have these views.

We are allowed to fight for our beliefs and opinions. We are allowed to debate our views. We are allowed to tell others our views.

However, we cannot disrespect the views of others.

We cannot trivialize someone else’s experience or opinion by saying things like “you’re a man, you can’t have an opinion on abortion”; “you’re basing your views on being a white person, check your privilege/you can’t have an opinion”; “you weren’t born here, you can’t have an opinion on our politics.”

That’s not okay. We can fight for our opinions. We can write to government officials; we can make changes in our own lives; we can volunteer in countries we want to help; we can write blog posts; we can form clubs; we can do a lot of things to have our opinions and beliefs heard.

We cannot disrespect the opinions of others. We cannot silence the voices of others. Everyone has the right to be heard.

If we ever doubt this, we must imagine what it is like to live in a place or time where we aren’t allowed to have a voice. There are still so many people in positions like this.

The very least we can do is respect the opinions of others.


Thanks for reading my opinion on the matter of opinions.

Stay classy,



Facebook Faux Pas

If you can’t stop thinking about someone’s update, that’s called ‘status cling’. (Jessica Park)

I would like to start by apologizing for going months without updating this blog at all! The class for which I was writing this blog ended so it moved down my list of priorities. That was quite unclassy of me. I will endeavor to do better.

Okay, moving on. From now on, I’m going to work on posting more. How? Well, I’ll be doing much shorter posts. Hopefully, these will be good quality and will happen more often. I ask that you are patient with me while I get into the swing of things.

Enough discussion! Let’s talk about a few Facebook Faux pas. I’ve compiled a list of the 5 least-classy/rude things I have seen my “friends” do on the popular social media site.

5. Not acknowledging compliments on pictures.
Here’s the thing, we’re all busy. We go on the computer to check email, do work, update social media, etc.. These tasks are in addition to the rest of our lives. So when someone takes the time to compliment someone’s picture, be it profile or otherwise, it means that that person took time from his or her busy life to say a nice thing. Is it really so hard to say “thanks”? I don’t think so. Even if that thank you applies to more than one compliment on a picture, it still acknowledges that the kind comments were read and appreciated.

4. Cryptic status updates.
These mysterious messages are both self-indulgent and attention-seeking. Statuses like “I am so done with this” are just annoying. Either the writer has an issue and doesn’t want to share it (in which case he or she shouldn’t make it a status) or has a minor issue and wants to be asked about it and fawned over. When writing these silly statuses, the intention is to force readers to be curious and ask about it. It’s like me wanting to pretend I want privacy, but giving you hundreds of ways to know about me and my life.

3. Knowingly posting offensive/controversial statuses or comments.
We get it. You have controversial opinions. You’re so urban and politically interesting. You enjoy heated political debates and morality discussions that use buzzwords that no layperson could hope to be able to grapple with. I, too, enjoy healthy debates that open up my mind and the minds of others to new perspectives and ideas. I have to ask, though, is Facebook the place for these discussions? I don’t think so. Facebook is supposed to be a way to network and connect with friends, new and old. I don’t know that it is the best forum for debates and discussions that are best suited to round tables or respectfully-moderated areas of discourse. When overly-controversial posts appear on Facebook, it just looks like the poster is trying to insite arguments and anger.

2. Posting pictures or videos that should be accompanied with a warning.
We all have friends who do this. They post pictures of gruesomely-abused animals, huge spiders, post-op knee surgery pics, etc.. Now I’m not saying that these things don’t belong on Facebook. I’m not saying that at all. I’m just saying that I would appreciate posters having the courtesy to include a warning about the content or just posting a link to the content (with a warning). If I’m eating and see swollen and bloody stitched skin after my friend’s knee surgery, I might throw up on my keyboard. If I just lost my dog of fifteen years and am scrolling through my newsfeed, I might be extremely upset to see a viral video of a dog being thrown off a building (true story). This just comes down to respecting your Facebook friends and being aware of what is being shared and posted.

1. Posting passive-aggressive statuses.
These are so obvious. “I never thought that my friend could finish my Toblerone bar without even asking. Friendship terminated. You know who you are.” These are the most annoying posts on Facebook. Instead of dealing with their issues in the non-digital world, there are those Facebook users who chose to write statuses about their anger which they clearly want their offender to read. Come on! This isn’t Gossip Girl! Let’s deal with our problems directly instead of these immature posts. Don’t make your Facebook friends watch as you and your now-enemy post thinly-veiled statuses/insults about one another all over the newsfeed!

In general, these 5 faux pas come down to common courtesy and respecting your social media contacts and their time.

Thanks for reading and, as usual, feel free to comment below with your Facebook faux pas or pet peeves!

Stay classy,